Madame Dai  at NBC

Beijing Dance Academy

"BDA offers a wide range of academic programs in Performance, Choreography, Dance Studies, Artistic Design for Theatre, Film & TV and Public Administration, with 18 concentrations at undergraduate level and 36 concentrations at postgraduate level..."

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Dai Ailian Foundation (DAF)

"Dai Ailian Foundation (DAF) is a non-profit company, incorporated on July 26, 2011 in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.DAF was formed to honour Dai Ailian, an international dance icon, distinguished principal dancer, teacher, choreographer, dance company artistic director, researcher, labanotator, lecturer and demonstrator who was born in Couva, Trinidad in 1916..."

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Dai Ailian

Madame Dai

"Born in Trinidad, West Indies, of Cantonese parents on May 10, 1916. Educated at St. Hilary’s High School in Port of Spain, Trinidad.At the age of 5, Dai Ailian learned ballet from her third-removed cousin, Sylvia Chen (Chen Xilan), who had studied in London, England...."

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Searching for the roots of Chinese dance in remote mountains in southwest China among the ethnic minorities, Dai Ailian discovered that these peoples were still dancing dances handed down through generations, which can be traced to thousands of years.  Quite a number are now notated in Labanotation. In the middle 1980s, Dai Ailian started ’Dance for All’ Movement to popularize at home and abroad the community traditional folk dances for the minority nationalities.


  • Lecture/demonstrations on Chinese Dance history
  • UNESCO Building, Paris
  • Royal Academy of Dance, London
  • Royal Ballet (Senior) School, London
  • Many libraries and schools in London and the University of Hull, North-east England
  • Several times at the London Festival Hall, South Bank
  • ‘The Friends of Covent Garden’ Royal Opera House
  • ‘The Friends of the Royal Ballet’
  • The London Ballet Circle
  • California, USA, in 1993
  • The University of California, Berkeley
  • The Los Angeles California University (UCLA)
  • The Asian Museum in San Francisco, CA
  • The California Art Institute
  • The first World Dance Congress in San Francisco organized by the World Dance Alliance
  • 1993 in Taiwan, Taibei, Taizhong, Tainan, Gao Xiong
  • In 1946 at La Meri’s Studio, New York
  • The Laban Centre in London:
    • Lecture with lantern slides
    • Lecture/demonstration with illustrations
    • Workshop of Chinese traditional and ancient folk dances
    • Teaching and promotion of labanotation in China
  • The Foreign Language University in Beijing
  • Several times for The Beijing International Society (BIS)
  • The Dance Museum, Stockholm
  • The State Dance School, Stockholm
  • The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts